Stories From Home: COVID-19 Addendum Online Film Series
We invite you to watch a free and virtual presentation of the film series presented by ASU Gammage
     Films available for digital showings and live digital performance.
     Check out the trailer for Act 1 below! 
Yvonne Montoya dancing in the Sonoran Desert in a burnt orange shirt surrounded by saguaros.

 Evolved in response to COVID-19 and quarantine-based parenthood and work, Stories From Home is a series of dances embodying the largely underrepresented experiences of Latinx communities in the American Southwest, with palpable theatricality, compelling spoken word, a movement aesthetic informed by vibrant ancestral and contemporary sources, and universal themes of love, family, and home.

Stories From Home: COVID-19 Addendum

Available for Digital Showings



Stories From Home was originally scheduled to premiere on stage and in person on Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage this September; this engagement has been postponed and will be rescheduled. 


Facing the realities of COVID-19 and its impact on the performing arts industry, along with postponed performances and residencies, Montoya evolved the presentation of the work. She also identified ideological parallels with her 2016 piece Motherhood and the Performing Arts, a solo work that explored the joys and challenges of parenthood and a performing arts career, as her work as an artist was suddenly combined with new responsibilities as a home school educator. These ideas and circumstances were the catalyst for Stories From Home: COVID-19 Addendum.  


The Stories From Home: COVID-19 Addendum series is an evolution of and supplement to the full-length Stories From Home work, integrating new choreography and ideas. This online series presentation is divided among two acts. The first act encompasses five dance films, performed by Montoya and her son Buddy, that reflect upon the challenges of homeschooling and parenting while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The second act features the cast of Stories From Home in five dance films that feature the dancers’ stories from home during the time of COVID-19.



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