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Live Performances

Stories from Home is a series of dances that embody oral traditions of Latinx communities in the American Southwest. 


Stories from Home offers in person performances and is available for a National Dance Project Presentation Grant.


Topics include:

  • The stories and inspiration behind the dances in Stories from Home

  • Dance in the Desert as a case study for supporting dance across geographies

  • My dance journey

Online Performances 

Stories from Home: COVID-19 Addendum is a series of 11 dance films that evolved in response to COVID-19 and quarantine-based parenthood and work. Screenings of the Stories from Home: COVID-19 Addendum of the dance films with an artist Q &A are available.

Keynote + Performance

Each dance in Stories from Home is available for a keynote performance. The format of a keynote performance is as follows:

  • A sharing of the story and inspiration behind one or more of the dances

  • A live performance of the dances

  • Audience Q&A 

Themes include:

  • The Bracero Program

  • The creation of the Atomic Bomb in New Mexico and illness related to government projects

  • Loss of language as a result of 1940s Americanization programs

  • The nuanced and complicated history of mestizaje in Northern New Mexico

  • The experience of the Sefardim people during and after the Spanish Inquisition


Stories from Home workshops include: 

  • Multigenerational Parent/Child creative movement workshops co-led by Yvonne Montoya and her 13 year old son.

  • Luminaria Making+ Storytelling Workshops

  • Dance Film Workshops

  • Embodied Movement + Storytelling Workshops


I would love to come and work with your community to create a dance or dance film!


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